Bi Axial Machine Manufacturer

Manufacturer & Supplier of Bi-axial Rotational Moulding Machine / Bi Axial Rotomoulding Machine

We are the leading Bi Axial Rotomoulding Machine Manufacturer in India. The entire range is designed using the premium quality raw materials and are also of the best quality. They are designed as per the latest specifications and possess all the latest technology that promotes their usage worldwide.

Model of Bi Axial Machine

We provide the wider range of these bi axial machine which consist of the following models-

  • Single Arm Bi Axial Molding Machine
  • Two Arm Bi Axial Molding Machine
  • Three Arm Bi Axial Molding Machine
  • Four Arm Bi Axial Molding Machine

And they can be easily chosen as per the requirement and applications.

Features of Bi Axial Machine

The features of the bi axial molding machine provided by us are stated below

  • Superior quality
  • By low fuel consumption medium production can be easily achieved
  • The oven are specially designed which reduce the cycle timing and also avoid the heat loss
  • Cera wool materials is used for insulating the oven walls
  • Have user friendly electrical control panel with the required interlocking facility
  • We provide an optional PLC Control facility for their complete automation
  • Have a multi layer charging facility
  • Have all the safety indicators, alarms and devices for secure operation
  • It have imported energy efficient burners which are compatible with Diesel, CNG or LPG fuel
  • Customization facility is also available
  • Require less maintenance
  • Provide more output and consume less fuel

These machines work using all the latest mechanism which is very easy to handle and operate. After passing the strict quality testing they are supplied and exported globally. The best quality Bi Axial Molding Machine in India is provided at very reasonable price. Besides, these they have smooth exterior surface finish and have non corrosive body which can with stand all atmospheric condition efficiently. All the models installation is also very easy and is highly efficiency in long run.

The India Roto Plast is the leading Bi-axial Rotational Moulding Machine manufacturer and supplier in India. The complete solution related to all the bi axial machine is provided by our company.

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