Compounding Extruder Manufacturer

Compounding Extruder Supplier in India

We are the leading Compounding Extruder manufacturer and suppliers in India. These extruder machines are manufactured using the best quality raw materials which provide the best quality to them. The entire ranges provided by the company are known for their quality in the market and are greatly demanded amongst our clientele.

The compounding extruder machines provided by India Roto Plast are available in a wider range which can be easily chosen accordingly. It has output capacity of 70 kg/hr to 250 kg/hr, screw size of 75 mm to 125 mm, heater zone 5 to 7 and the motor capacity of 15 HP to 50 HP. These specifications vary from model to model and depends on the model you chosen by you. Besides, they are designed as per the latest international standards specification which also promotes their global usage too.

Features of Compounding Extruder

The features of compounding extruder machine provided by us are stated below

  • Provides good quality compounding
  • The heaters are enclosed in order to provide secure operation
  • Air knife is provided for moisture free strands
  • Customized cooling of strands and pellets is also provided
  • It has synchronized control for the pelletizer in order to avoid the over and under feed strand to the pelletizer
  • The extruders have the digital display and microprocessor based control panel
  • Optional hopper loader can be added on demand of the customer
  • Optional dice face cutter can be added on demand of the customer
  • Optional chiller or  cooling tower can be added on demand of the customer
  • Optional PLC can be added on demand of the customer

The complete solution related to all the types of the extruders is provided at user friendly and the extruder customization facility is also provided by the company. We are the leading Compounding / Colouring Extruder Machine Manufacturer in India.

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